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Nature on the Farm Discovery Camp 1 Review

Posted 6/10/2019 9:00am by L&A Family Farms.

Our first Nature on the Farm Discovery Camp left us with a great experience and more ideas!

Day one we dug in the woods to see what we could find in the soil. We poured water on clay, sand and gravel to see which drained best. Then we hiked to the creek bluff to see where the soil and water goes when it rains and how it erodes. We tried rhubarb pie for our snack.

Then we hiked to the garden to see the rhubarb plants, and farm machinery. We returned to the store and got out the farm toys to see how they help farmers till, plant, and harvest. Finally, we used chalk to draw roads and fields on the cool concrete and drove our tractors and wagons on those to haul our crop of sunflower seeds.

Day two began with a demonstration of the egg machine. Lauren and Timothy showed us what happens to the eggs after they are gathered from the chickens. We helped sort out the really dirty ones on a tray for hand washing. Then we boarded the wagon and Brian drove us down the road to see the cows, 26 different chicken breeds, and catfish. We got to pet a chicken and feed the catfish!

After our mid-morning carrot snack, we read a book about how sunflowers grow and hiked to the garden to plant our own sunflower seeds. We sampled gooseberries from the garden. Then we returned to home base to work on our farm models.

Day three began by reviewing five main parts of plants. We cut out pictures of vegetables and fruits and glued them to paper. Then we hung them on the wall under the headings: "root" or "stem" etc. We looked at pictures of honeybees, important pollinators of sunflowers and pumpkins.  We passed around models of insects and discussed whether they were helpful or harmful to farmers. Then we used nets and jars to find real insects. A big dragonfly found one of us and landed on Mitchell's nose!

We fed the goats some fresh grass and painted our own version of sunflowers. Our final activity was applying our knowledge to escape being trapped outside the chicken house!

Thanks to our twelve campers for being part of our first farm camp experience!

Those interested in signing up for our next farm camps (before June 14th) can click here.

McBride Laura said,
6/11/2019 @ 7:57 pm
Thanks for the camp! contact me next year to sign up
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