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We at L&A Family Farms want to build a relationship with you, our customers.  We want to be your farmers!  As in any relationship, communication is important to its success. We hope this website will give us a better way to communicate with you and allow you to get a glimpse of what is involved in raising quality foods.  

A good way to build this relationship would be for you to become a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) member.  Your involvement in our CSA shows your commitment to us, and you can be assured we will do our very best to meet your expectations.  Your CSA membership may be for one of our vegetable, egg, meat, or one of our combo shares.  Extra farm products can be added to your regular share if you choose. 

Another option would be for you to choose our Buying club membership.  This membership allows you access to our online store.  You simply pre-order your items which can be picked up on farm or you can take advantage of our home delivery service. 

If you do not want to join our membership now but are still interested in keeping in touch with us, please sign up and join our mailing list or check out our social media pages. 

Please share with us your comments or testimonies, so we can gauge if we are meeting your needs.  Our loyal customers' continued support allows us to do what we love to do.  We welcome you and encourage you to visit the farm and deepen this food-to-farmer relationship.  Building this personal relationship with each of you is important to us.  Our goal is not to feed the world, just you! 



The mission of L&A Family Farms is to build a relationship with our customers in such a way that they know exactly where and how their food was raised; to provide local families with all of their seasonal vegetables and yearly meat and egg needs; to raise food that is fresh, healthy, and has great flavor, and to utilize in a sustainable way the resources God has given us.



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